Monday, August 13, 2012


hanging out in the market outside one of the Arab shops with Bria - 13 year old I blogged about in the past that was so badly burned she wasn't expected to live - she is now having regular surgeries on the contractures on her left arm and neck - but she is doing SO well. 

nothing like retail therapy in the form of deep fried "haricots" (ground black eyed peas, garlic, onion, spices, pepper - dropped into sizzling oil over the glowing coals - magical consistency of chicken nuggets) and cold slender bottles of mango puree. 

Bria makes me happy. 

Here, when happy comes, we hold it tightly in our fists, letting the magic dust of the present moment fall glittering from our hands - and when the smiles come - we let them split our faces. 

This one lived. 


because this one lived!

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  1. Bria looks so amazing! Send her hugs from me! -cristin