Thursday, September 27, 2012


Dear family and friends and wonderful blog-following strangers,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for following my blog
this past year. It has meant everything to me that even though I was a
world away you took the time out of your busy lives to learn about a
culture different from yours, and to open up your hearts to read about
suffering and loss and beauty that you could have easily shut out or
been indifferent to.

Thank you for your comments, prayers, encouragement, emails, light, and

Thank you for not forgetting me.

Now that I am back, it becomes even more amazing still that anyone would
have paused their routine to become immersed in the struggles of the
life and death drama that played out in front of my eyes in Tchad.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

You truly were my lifeline.

I am going to continue writing my blog - so I encourage everyone to
continue reading it. The focus will shift to the next chapter in my
life - my move up to snow country, Homer, Alaska and all the adventure
and hardship that that will entail. I will truly be going into another
culture, starting once again at the bottom of something I don't
understand and am not prepared for - and I will write about it.

I have the opportunity to house-sit a beautiful rustic home on the top
of a mountain - over looking the town of Homer and the glaciers and the
bay - I will have to figure out how on earth to cook a fish, swing an
ax, and drive in snow for the first time.

I will arrive in Alaska Oct. 15 to start my new life! Right now I am
living out of boxes and suitcases and by the generosity of family and

Please feel free to contact me via email as well: and my new address and phone number are
available upon request and at my discretion.

I want to open my arms up wide wide wider than the earth and the stars
and hug all of you, so tight, and somehow transmit to you this gratitude
that is bursting out of my heart for those of you that truly were my
lifeline in one of the hardest and best years I have ever had.

Love Love Love Love

- and keep reading!

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  1. I am so glad you are going to continue writing, and I will definitely keep reading! I am grateful to your mom for letting me know about your blog when they visited while picking up their puppy. (If you get home before leaving for Homer, I want to hear how that puppy is turning out.)

    Your cousin once removed, Michelle