Monday, October 15, 2012

.Homer bound

So, in case you didn't know ( I didn't until 2.3 seconds ago when I
finally googled where I'm flying into in 2 hours...) this is Homer!

I'll be there this evening.

After a month of catching up with friends and family, packing,
repacking, crashing on couches, meeting wonderful new people and
reconnecting with old, I am finally almost at my final destination:
Homer, Alaska.

Why Homer?

no good reason.

I hear its beautiful.....
I have always wanted to live in Alaska.....
I feel rather "called" there.....
I hear it might be my kind of town.....
I'm looking for a place to put a few roots down....
I really don't know....

But I do know that it feels right. I do know that I'm so excited. I
do know that it was be hard. I do know that it will be another cultural
experience entirely.

But I am ready.

My goals are to take it slow. be kind. be quiet. be honest. be real.

and then of course....the elusive and all important nursing job....
(expecting my AK nursing license in a few days!!)

and then keep working on French

and when I get settled start taking a hard look at all the interviews I
got in Tchad from the women....

and I want to become more outdoorsy, maybe take up cross country skiing,
swimming, kayaking, etc.

I just want to settle in gradually and let the serenity of the mountains
seep into my soul

My "culture shock" which was really more of a grey haze is slowly
receding and strength and excitement is taking its place.

Thanks to those of you who are hanging in there with my blog - last
month was sort of a black hole but I am hoping that inspiration will
come again and I can take you with me on this new journey to the other
side of the world.

As I flew into Anchorage, there was a low mist hanging over its flat
sprawling expanse and power sugar snow was dusting the tips of the
mountains and clinging to the trees.

It is officially freezing.

and as of today,

I have officially moved to Alaska!!!


  1. Praying for you in your new home! How exciting- you are a brave woman Janna.

  2. Wishing you the best of luck. BTW, did you ever watch a TV series called 'Northern Exposure'? It's about a junior doctor who has to do his internship in Cicily (?) Alaska... might sound kind of familiar to you?

    Best wishes!!
    BL (of BL and Bronwyn).