Tuesday, November 5, 2013


pale pink perfect


cosmic sunrise

Last morning in paradise and it is perfection.  My bags are packed my goodbyes are said and my heart is throbbing with TOO MUCH LOVE.

The support I have been gifted by friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers has been overwhelming.  I am the luckiest girl and I cannot believe that a year ago I knew no one.

I have been tackled by hugs and last minute heart to hearts at 4 am, I have a little turquoise silver travel turtle nug for protection, my co workers gave me grapes and a chocolate cake, a wool knit hat, a signed mug, and other beautiful things. My friends all showed up to a bonfire and everyone took time out of there lives to toastand laugh and let me crash on their couches.

I think my peace has almost been made with leaving. I am flying out on the wings of a love for this place and this people that I have never before found. I am basically just groping for words to somehow convey the extent of my gratitude and how much each and every one of the mad quirky individuals I have tangled paths with means to me.

Through the goodbyes, I have realized how much love I have here and my heart literally feels like it is too big for its encasing tissue and with each beat I might just burst open.

I know hard times are coming. Loneliness. Exquisite experience. And I'll deal with that as it arrives. But I want to remember this feeling forever.  Being surrounded and carried on a magic carpet of complete and utter love.  Being so aware of gratitude it's hard to breath.  The knowledge that no matter what happens I can always come back to these mountains. That i can always come home.

last morning love

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