Tuesday, January 14, 2014

.je sens

Mmmmmmm France

Good bread crust bread french bread for breakfast, creamy salted butter, slather of jam, raspberry, strawberry oranges falling off the trees fresh lemon le chocolat croissants thick cuts of cheese molded hyphae branching delicate arches tiny trees, green and blue through yellowed sagittal slices.

Le vin wine wine red wine white wine sweet wine dry wine old wine new wine rows and rows names I can’t pronounce but are oh so delicious rolling arching off the tongue fresh salad crisp salad green salad perfect crunching circles of onion round juicing spurting tomatoes red red oil serous oil huil d’olive sauces and crèmes and rainbows of vegetables á le dejouner


Avec plaisir, pleasure pleasure oui, avec plaisir, madame slow down, an hour for lunch, for the French, sometimes two.  Savor it enjoy it roll it around your tongue like cool firm summer cherry enjoy life taste life touch life feel alive

Quality food, fresh ingredients, local produce, take two hours to cook dinner be starving ah! first bite, two hours to eat dinner, slow down slow down vivre!

La vie est belle!

J’ai tombé en amour avec France. 

I could live here, I can be here, I can breath here. 

It’s about taking time for the beautiful things in life, for the things that make you happy, for the tiny moments that slap and caress and lull if you stop for them. 

Let the sunshine fall on your face, let your ears ecouter la mer let your eyes linger on the mountains on the ocean on the on the trees groaning with citrus let your toes curl in warm crust of sand let the sound of the ocean roll over you let the flakes of a steaming fresh croissant melt like buttered snow in your mouth

and be


be alive

be aware

be here

open your pores your mind fling out the tendrils of all your senses and absorb absorb

slow down


let your eyes and your ears and your mouth dance and sway and smile and twist

with pleasure



avec plaisir


just stop


and let your surroundings overwhelm you

overcome you

transport you

the way the lace falls in the gentle billow of curtain

the way the wind lingers over your cheeks

the way the music tingles and thums in the deep of the ears and winds swaying down the spine and into the belly

the way an orange peel waxes and curls ragged in your palm the spurt of each tiny citric burst on your lips the way you no longer crave sugar when your tongue swims in cream

the way a chocolate smears dark and silken into the crevices of your fingertips and spreads like heady lava through your teeth the way steam rises phantom grey from the aroma, aroma the coffee, the heat, hands curled hot cupping mug of groan fresh morning

the way a cigarette burns slow and curling into the zesty musk of your wineglass at dusk sunset stain pink and tint orange faint to the stark kiss of red lipsticked rim

the way the city glimmers and burns in the wild eye of the full plump moon the way the night hums wild lullabye and forgotten shadows come out to play
sentir: to smell, to feel

je sens, I feel, I smell
I you he she it we they fell, smell, touch

the forgotten sensuality of life of life of ordinary life the way there is no longer any such thing as ordinary when you live in awareness of the vibration that surrounds you when the five senses are no longer a definition but are the breath the crux the eyes the skin
you – no longer IN contest but ARE context
when you realize the senses, that they are porous that you are porous when you slow down when you stop when those five magic creature friends are allowed to be sponges yes sponges and you howl yowl growl to the heavens to LET IT RAIN and suddenly you are filled you are bursting with the fat the gristle the moan the opera the clap the perfume the tang the fire the prick the bruise the sneeze the of swollen fruit and golden glory and thunder thunder thunderstorm vibration of not five elements but the energy, the awareness, the BEING of six.

you are arched by a rainbow

allow your eyes to marvel, to open, to blink, to tear


you are saturated by the waft of humanity

allow your nostrils to flare, to inhale, to ingest


you are nourished by what you eat

allow your tongue to zing and savor, your teeth to crunch and gnaw


you are ever in a melody

allow your ears to perk and tune to the frequency the chirp the opera


you are living in an earthquake

allow your core to quiver to tremble to crumble


you are permeated by a spirit

allow your soul awareness, existence, radiance


you are alive

allow yourself to be.


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