Sunday, July 24, 2011

"make a list" OFFICIALLY crossed off the list


so, thanks to my livinginthisworldsavvy aunt Kelly - my computer is finally starting to be ready for tchad.

              I have learned amazing things about newfangled apps such as dropbox, composing emails offline and many other marvels of the modern world.

and (drumrolllll)) I have finally started composing my master list of things that should have already been done/bought and consequently feel a small measure of competence.

    to ADD to my deserving said recent competence, I have also  said godspeed to the passport (why someone thought it would be so great to ship booklet off to hands unknown I don't know) and am hoping to get a visa in return.

       I am also preparing in other ways.  in a recent daring feat of auto-imposed swelter - my back has received the unprecedented opportunity to become intimately stuck the seat as I race madly across multiple state lines in an un-airconditioned black car.  really, what could be a more logical pre-curser to my desert jaunt where temperatures are rumored to top 100 at night?  however, as to prevent too lethal a shock to my overtaxed hypothalamus when at home my AC is firmly set at 68 degrees and I sleep under a fan.

in other news -
the first lesson of the first level of Rosetta stone French has been halfway completed, the insurance still has not re-imbursed my vaccines, and due to the increasing incidence of violence and tornado warnings, my family has advised me with rather a strong finality that leaving my poor dented car in west TN is no longer an option.

....still - school finally a wretched chapter of history - BSN fully acquired and now can turn my attention to various details such as the furtive accumulation of pen lights, the dark arts of IV insertion, and the study of a variety of insidious vectors.

Je vous tuerai avec DEET vous la moustique d'anopheles femelle infortunée !

bon nuit.

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