Saturday, July 9, 2011


 - huge thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement, etc. 

after decades of dreaming it looks like I EMBARK out early september (!!!!)

so.  I'm going to Chad. 

in september

thats very soon

                   Command of the French Language: minimal
Plans to command it quickly: many!!

          Box of unopened Rosetta Stone on Floor: 1

Last day of real job: August 16
Visas Aquired: 0
Plans to aquire quickly: several
Lists of what to bring - 0
Items on to do list stating "write list" - 1
Amount of money spent on travel vaccines - $584.00
Insurance re-imbursement of that amount - $0,00000000000000
Excitement Level: high
Summary of Situation: Copasetic

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