Saturday, January 7, 2012


so. i am sitting here typing with an IV in my hand and a box full of
fluids beside me.

After I got malaria and subsequently went through the hell that is
quinine, I haven't been feeling well.

I have been fatigued and haven't really been eating anything but rice
gruel for a couple of weeks.

then, like 10 days ago, i developed jaundice.

so i walked around like that for about a week before I or anyone really
noticed anything was abnormal.

here, malaria is like the common cold, fatigue is part of life, and not
eating is easily chalked up to the many palatable options that are
available anyway.

so, just to be safe, we checked my transaminase, liver fuction tests.
My ALT and AST were about 10 times the normal value.

and the sclera of my eyes were yellow.

so then yesterday they thought about sending me home. and that idea was
tossed around just enough for all the mental fortitude that i have been
building up to completely crumble.

and so now this weekend I am getting tons of IVF, taking cipro, metro (
In fact i have giardia as well, who knew) and parasite medications.
then, tomorrow, after the detoxifying regimen I will retake the liver
function tests and if they are worse then I am coming home.

so now I find myself desperately hoping for liver failure so I can spend
a few weeks on American soil which is of course absolutely ridiculous.

but what is going to happen is because I have am getting so much fluid,
they are automatically getting better i'm not going.

so the whole thing is just a cruel joke on my sanity.

anyhow, please pray for my health, mental status, and unhappy liver.

and come visit me in this the most amazing place on earth, tchad.

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