Tuesday, April 17, 2012


the rains have finally come and the heat is steaming from the cracked musty earth and the air is thick and sweet and teasingly cool. 

and when it rains, it rains

rains in waterfalls, buckets, hugs splashing drops, thousands of teaspoons of rain turned upside down

tears of the sky

happy tears

I am always mixing up the pluie (rain) with pleurer (to cry) ,  the dark electric sky - spitting tears of rain

 the sky is crying over africa

and like all things here

it is ferocious

and the earth is opening its arms to receive it

and the lightening and the thunder here

cracking and rolling over the houses

flash in the dark

flash and flash and flash the horse and flash the house and flash the rain, tearing through the sky in shimmering sheets, flash the neighbors bulls chewing sodden hay

flash the mud

the mud the mud its cold and spongy beneath my toes

and i'm dancing in the rain and i can't help it, Scorpions and Rock you Like a Hurricane blasting from my phone and doing a jerky crutchless hop hands in the sky

flash the faces

the children are laughing

flash we laugh here

its okay to laugh at other people

its okay to laugh at yourself

streaming wet sopping dripping finally cool finally the hint of a shiver finally the rain the rain the rain the rain

and the tiny muddy arms of the earth are dancing with me

the leaves are awoken in the twigs the spiders begin to crawl

the earth is alive and breathing and moving and rolling

the tiny creatures are on the move

and the rain is pouring down

where is Noah i don't need his ark i could swim through the sky in this rain forever

flash and flash and the thunder is screaming


hot and cold

dust and mud

dry and wet

here, the land where opposites collide


the fierce grey compromise


the color

the water

the beat of life

dashing into the hut, tracking muddy footprints, the product when rain and earth and foot collide

swept way tomorrow but elemental tonight

and bullets and pellets and pings and faster and harder and the roof is buzzing with the brash cacophony of rain drops

back with a vengeance

a force

no denying

the power of  the rain

no stopping

the power of the rain

no repelling

the power of the rain

only dancing

to the music of the rain

1 comment:

  1. increeeeedible writing janna. you transported me to the spirit of the moment... my present involves an old backpack muddy road, a husky dog and 3-4 feet of melting slush... from which i love to see you dancing in
    the rain