Friday, June 15, 2012

.destination - unknown


It is intoxicating. Terrifying. Beautiful.

Everything has come together today.

Everything feels so clear and so right that I have goosebumps.

Am sitting in my mosquito net, looking up at the stars.

I have accepted a job in Homer, AK starting October 15. I will be
working for a lovely lady and her husband that my brother Daniel
introduced me to via email. I will be helping out through the winter
months and in exchange get to have a lovely place to stay in one of the
most beautiful places in the word (at least in the summer months)

so, I am going to head off into the unknown.

I am going to go back to the states Sept. 16 and then after getting
paperwork in order, pack up everything i own and drive across country
and up to Alaska through Canada.

I will know no one.

I do not having a nursing job, just a hope and a prayer.

but the spine -tingling fact is that I know without a shadow of a doubt
it is exactly what i need to do and where I need to go.

i have never driven in snow.

i haven't chopped firewood since I was little.

I will be going from a hot and arid desert climate, where temperatures
climb up to 120 degrees to a a cold, isolated, freezing temperature winter.

I will be shoveling snow - and i am wildly excited

from the ends of the earth to the last frontier

i feel so excited, so sure, so free, so liberated, and so young

the call of the unknown is a strong and beautiful force


it lets you know you are alive

on to the next adventure (well, in 3 months), on to knew challenges, new
friends, and new opportunities to grow

I am so lucky and feel like dancing and screaming

the open road is calling me

and nothing can keep me from answering


  1. The Free Spirit identifies you. your road is never traveled!! its endless because you can never die. I know how much you love AK im proud of you for being so committed to Africa and allowing your soul to be pumped through the heart of the world for a cycle. now you can go be extremely different and im gonna miss you :)
    i'm still in Germany. My job is slowly coming to an end. but at least i get to see Myles kennedy on Wed. lol germany and europe i bet is not for me. i belong in california or arizona or nevada. out in western america... im not sure how or if my life will go as planned exspecially now but im not afraid. what ever happens will be awesome.i just need to choose to live passionately... you are an inspiration as always. im glad i spoke to the blue haired lady. good luck and press on in chad. build up the green healing energy and bring the storm of life to them before your departure.

  2. Yay! Im so happy that this dream came true for you!! I need to come visit you!