Monday, February 11, 2013



 You called from the urn where your ashes stirred

        charred dust of a haunting plea.

Listen now to what I have heard

        as we set each other free.

Take a pinch of my eyes you said

        and fling them into the breeze.

Speak to me of the color red

        when the sun takes leave of the seas.

Dip your toes in my crumbled feet

        and march where you’ve never gone.

Diverge with me from the cobbled street

        and dance to my barefoot song.

Scatter me at the foot of a pine

        at the heart of a needled wood.

Root my soul to the mossy shrine

        where the Coeur d’Alene once stood.

Take a whiff of my nose you said

        a line from my nares to your brain.

Inhale warm waft of fresh-baked bread

        or the lush clean musk of rain.

Release a grainy puff of grey

        to the gust of a northbound wind.

Whisper to me that you will not stay

        in the place you have always been.

I looked in the urn that the ashes fled

        echoed space of a haunting plea.

I live through you, so what is dead?

        just tell me, are you free?

*** To Kimmy.  Poem that definitely did not win the poetry contest - but that I want to share anyway - its good to be slapped in the face that I just need to write better that's all.  

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