Sunday, October 9, 2011


so. not much time. sketch to no internet access.


today i saw a baby who fell in the fire. his arm and hand was twisted
and contracted and his fingers arched back.

last night I spent about an hour sitting rigid tense upright as i
watched a cockroach crawl all over my bug net tent and then slowly die
from the permethrin.

i keep a cockroach stick in my room, have everything sealed, and scream

My family feeds me delicious beans and rice for breakfast and then
pasta every other meal. they are treating me special because no one
else gets pasta. I try to finish it.

when i am late coming home, my tchadian grandmere looks for me.

it is nice to nap under the mango trees.

i have finally learned the names of the kids in my family.

i taught them leapfrog.

and they now have a thing for Dr. seuss in french.

my feet have 4+ pitting edema most days.

I am priviledged to be here.

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