Tuesday, October 11, 2011

. strictly nursing

Imagine a hospital in which......

there are no saline flushes

there is no tegaderm

there are no caps for the IV tubing.

there are no gloves to start IVs

the same tournaquit is used over and over

and it is a glove.

in which....

the medicines are in a box under the bed

the patients have to buy their own medicines

and the IV tubing

and each syringe for each medication

the IV pole is whatever you can find.

where medication administration is encouraged, but not enforced

and you have to look for your patient, to give them the medicine.

where if they have no IV, to spare expense, you inject it straight into
the vein

in which....

IVF, maintenance or otherwise, is not given unless in an emergency, or
the family can pay for it.....or they REALLY need it.

where there really aren't many emergencies

where people die during the night...and no one knows why

where night shift is 16-18 hours.

by headlamp

2 sets of vitals

double the patients

and double the meds.

in which.....

vitals are only taken Q12, if at all

where no initial assessments are performed

where report is a sentence or two

where no one knows a thorough baseline for their patient.

where there are no curtains

and little privacy

in which.....

everything is in French.

imagine you are a nurse at....Bere.

*** disclaimer**** this hospital does a vast amt. of good, i have only
observed for 3 weeks, prenatal care here is improving, many lives are
saved through surgery, the hospital itself is a blessing to the
community.....the doctors do an excellent job.....the nursing
however....is just....different.


  1. I pictured all of those things with you Janna. I'm thinking about you so much....I will send you an email soon, but courage to you! And please tell Samedi and Jolie I miss them!

  2. YES. this is a beautiful sketch. i can't wait to follow the moments that are born from this place...