Friday, October 28, 2011

.who are you

here, you have nothing. Stripped down, facial nudity. No where to hide
and no where to break down.

here, there is no makeup to look out from. There is no media,
entertainment, or music to distract you from what you are and who you are.

here, there is no mirror to look in, yet here is the harshest of mirrors.

Who are you, when you are hungry?

Who are you, when hunger is all around you?

Who are you, when you are covered in bugbites and nondescript rashes and
are always caked in dirt no matter how many times you bath?

Who are you, when you feel your body breaking down? when you have fungus
between your toes and dirt in your eyes?

Who are you, when your chest and face are covered with oozing breaky
open fly bites?

Who are you, when with one hand you are eating and the other waving away

Who are you, when cockroaches are your co-inhabitants every night?

Who are you, when everyone asks you for your water bottle, your
headscarf, your headlamp.

Who are you, when you say no.

Who are you, when you see a boy covered with 3rd degree burns because
his mother poured boiling water all over him?

Who are you, when you shake that mother's hand.

Who are you, when you assess a child on rounds and he dies 5 minutes later.

Who are you, to think you should come here.

Who are you, to be in Chad?

Who are you, if you don't stay......

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  1. Expecting nothing less from one of the most inquisitive minds and loving hearts I met while at Southern Adventist University.
    Love those questions Janna! That is the core of who we are! I think through our conversations with God these answers come, maybe years later. Keep up the good work! You are doing it!