Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So. just a short update.

that's me sitting in bed acting as happy as possible considering I've
been in the same bed for 10 days - but just know I am alive and doing so
much better

s/p sacral fx.

or whatever it was that I fractured

so, after over 10 days of being in bed, the days melting together in an
agony of excruciating pain - now I am finally up and about on crutches

i move at roughly the same speed as a senile slug and as long as I don't
put weight on my left leg

still experiencing strange lower back numbness

and then more pain when i over-estimate my abilities.

but, i AM getting better

I hate being useless. hate it. hate it. hate it.

the problem is that I live 10-15 minutes walk from the village to the
hospital on a brisk, good day

I can't ride a moto

so that means, when I go home, I am stuck there until.... i decide to
walk back.

but at least when I'm home I can start getting serious about French and
at least I won't be as lonely.

interesting how things happen that show you that things you though were
hard - were actually easy in retrospect

but so it goes in Africa

every new challenge making the day before look like comparative bliss

one day at a time

one day at a time

at least i think that's how its supposed to go

oh, and I'm 24.

I can think of few things more depressing

but I am so grateful to be alive

thanks everyone for keeping in touch and for expressing your concern



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  1. Oh Janna, I remember that feeling of being stuck in the village when I was sick and feeling season make that even harder! I remember during those times I would just be dying to get back to work so the days would go by faster. Hang in there! You have such a great attitude about it!