Thursday, March 29, 2012


so - did i mention i am the owner of a devil horse?

Joanne - a woman from South Africa who was here working in Bendalay (2
miles away) was being gracious and riding Bob for me while i have been
hobbling around and generally useless. Today she took him to the river
- on the way back he did the SAME thing to her - clamped down on the bit
and raced back to the hospital - somehow she got thrown and now has a
broken tib/fib and a cast.

so now, in the space of 2 weeks - he has broken 3 bones - pretty

everyone here is now suggesting we carve him up and sell the meat at the
market - horses are rapidly becoming a very unpopular topic with the
docs and the powers that be -

any training suggestions would be helpful - although i am here sans
round pen and with limited time - I just don't want to give up on him yet.

so, i'm removing the red millet from his diet and as soon as my bones
heal i'll probably get back on him -

I never was one to learn a thing the easy way

but whoever coined the ludicrous phrase "if your not falling your not
learning" has apparently never fallen off a horse in Tchad and
experienced broken bones during the hot season

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  1. seriously. while i don't think that bob should be made into bouille sauce, i hope that no one else is trying to tame him... take care of yourself. i'm thinking good, healing thoughts for you. cristin