Monday, March 26, 2012


            The Boat Called Risk

There once was a boat called Risk
    and it sailed on the vast sea of dreams
        it sailed under shadows of moonscape
away from the sun's telling beams

Its oars were constructed of wishes
    light and thin in the loamy sea
       it didn't need north star or compass
just the wind of a dream set free

the passengers had no belongings
    they discarded them on the pier
        heaped up by the salt-bleached sign
"All Baggage Must be left Here"

The fare was their very last penny
    Once hoarded for future day
        the ping of the purge a dividing line
between those who would go or stay

and once on the boat the Captain said
    "you have left your all onshore
           yet I can give no guarantee
you'll find what you're looking for

you have left your friends and homes behind
    you have left the warmth of love
        forsook the solace of routine
for that which you know not of

you are both the brave and foolish
    you are both the young and the wise
        you have searched with the greatest courage
and have looked your soul in the eyes

so welcome my posse of dreamers
     to the Risk Boat's ragged crew
        we abandon land and anchor
as we row toward a dream come true

Written March 26 2:30 AM while struggling to stay awake to count the drips of baby Zane's quinine perfusion.  long live Africa.  and all the dreamers that give their all to voyage here.  and to all the the immigrants who give their all to leave here. 

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  1. Thank you for letting us see into your soul, and the souls of those you work with and for!