Monday, March 26, 2012


What happens to a heart, when it has no voice

What happens to a hope, when it has no wings

What happens to a wish, when there are no stars

What happens to a dream, when it has no chance

What happens to a love, when it has no return

What happens to a woman, when she has no choice.


I want to write a  book about the women of Tchad.

Tchad from their eyes, from their hearts, from their reality.

What is it like to live here, knowing will never leave

What it like to dream here, when you have no avenue of pursuit

What happens to a woman here, when every day she is beaten down, farther, and farther,.

What happens to her soul, if she tries to rise up. 

I want the stories

I want the truth

I want to know the women,

 the backbone consigned to the background.

I want to know their stories.

Chad, the place the world forgot

I want it to hear the women

To hear their  voices

to amplify those voices

What is it like to be a woman in the country named by the

WHO in 2010 as the most violent and unequal towards women in the world? 

what is it like??


so, since i can't walk well right now - i think i'll try to write

I am going to get a translator and start recording stories

I have always wanted to write - and i'm terrified to actually undertake it - because what if i fail.  but i'm not getting any wiser, just older, so i think the time is now. 

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  1. You CAN, are able, and will write their stories. Continue doing what you're doing. You ARE a great writer! Get it down rough, and you can refine it later. Just GET it!
    Encouraging you to do what you can!