Thursday, May 24, 2012


so my malaria test was negative today - that should make me happy, right?


i hate the crucial but inconvenient fact that a negative malaria test
doesn't mean you don't have malaria - in the states - you would have to
have six negatives before it was ruled out -

so i could have it
i could not

but i feel like i've been run over by an army of egyptian slaves hauling
stone up the pyramids

i feel further as if every cell in my body was hooked to a slap of pure
granite, making every minute action - such as talking, thinking, or
putting one foot in front of the other - an exhausting maneuver.

i had chills last night for the first time in my life - goosebumps in
the 90 something degree evening -

i should have checked my temperature

and i'm about due for it again - have enjoyed 3 months of fantastic
health other than being thrown off a horse and breaking bone - so
perhaps my time has come.

it was exactly 3 months last time too -

since quinine puts me into liver failure, i may start malerone sans
positive blood smear or i may wait until i either feel better or worse -

so thats my story.

great blog, right..........

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