Thursday, May 24, 2012


if anyone is inclined to feel sorry for me working all alone in
pediatrics - don't.

see what you don't know is that I have all the company i could ever want -

a rat that dashes in and out of its rabbit hole every night around dusk
a small army of giant voracious ants sniffing out spilled syrups
a bat swooping in and out of the quinine drips
a snake scurling its way across the floor of the "nurses station"
a cockroach crunching sickeningly beneath my crocks
a battalion of mosquitoes whizzing and whirring and drunk with blood
a lizard scuttling across the rafters
a fat army colored monster toad crouched menacingly on the cement floor -

so like i said, don't feel sorry for me - I'm not alone.

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