Thursday, May 10, 2012


we layed in the river tonight, and looked at the stars

no one around

just us, and the river, and the stars

crunching handfuls of sand, letting it slip through your fingers

carried gently by the current

ears submerged

free floating

gazing up at the brightest stars I've ever seen

this, this is the God I love

skyblack, stars cold stark brilliant

lulling me into happiness

the river makes everything make sense again


freedom in water

in movement

in space

i can't get enough of the stars

and i want

to stay here, to be carried on the fluid arms of the river

eyes locked on the stars

scraping my toes on the sandpaper riverbed

i want to stay lost in this moment

to stay lost in the shiver of coolness

in the shiver of Africa by moonlight

to let this moment baptize me


because it is so


and beautiful


and free

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