Thursday, May 3, 2012


sometimes its easy to feel un-inspired here - until you remember that
the little things count

and it is the little things make up every life-changing moment

every pebble thrown into the ocean

every soft flap of a birdwing

every smile ever smiled

every meal shared

every time you decided to love someone

those things matter

or, like today -

the Community Health Worker that now has 6 people regularly coming to
his house for dressing changes - 2 people's wounds have already
completely healed


the village midwife wearing her new bright pink jacket - bringing a lady
into the hospital


the 4 day old baby of the Chief de Quartier not dying - they had been
giving him only water for 4 days - because they thought the mother had
no milk - now the baby is breastfeeding and her milk production has

and the thousand other ors we will never know, never hear about, never see

those are the things that matter
the little things
the things that glide vanishing under the surface of the water
changing the shape of the waves
changing the tides
changing the rhythms
the shape of the splash
that one day
will rock the boat

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